Our Mission

RocketSweep's goal is to provide a fun, no gimmick, transparent way to participate in a cash sweepstake, for everyone from the most serious of sweepers, to those who have never before played. More simply - our single mission is to give away free money!

How it Works

Player visits RocketSweep.com on any device
Player submits entry, and at the same time, ads are displayed
Player's chance of winning increases
Ads generate revenue for RocketSweep
RocketSweep contributes the revenue to the Jackpot
No entry limit - Rinse and Repeat!

How do we do this?

When you visit RocketSweep.com and enter the sweepstake, you will notice that advertisements are present. These ads generate revenue for RocketSweep, and for every ad that is shown, we kick back a portion of the ad revenue to you! As you play more and more, the jackpot and your odds of winning both grow.
Do you hate getting bombarded with spam from entering sweepstakes?
We do too.
That's why we will never sell your information or share your email address with anyone.
Enter your email and we will let you know when our sweepstakes is officially live. Thanks for visiting, and happy sweeping!

- The RocketSweep Team

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